About our company

Kangblade is our brand name. It is easily to remember to search us through the internet. www.kangblade.com

We concentrate on becoming the best supplier for our partners!


No, we send the goods to all over the world.

Of course, yes. We will
offer the specific shipment information to you. In china, we have a good
relationship with shipment company, we can get a better shipment fee and back
the information to you. Also, we have better experience to handle customs
inspection and unexpected conditions.

1. For small order, we suggest sending goods by FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS and other standard express services.

2. For big order, we suggest sending goods by sea or air.

3. The specific shipment method will be decided and confirmed by both sides.


1. The price difference of the same blade depends on the material chosen.

2. The price difference of different blades depends on the complexity of processing and material chosen.

Contact us and tell which kind of blade do you need. We'll give you the free quotations as soon as possible.


If the products do not meet your need, we support to remake the products. Compared with returning, it will save both sides' time and shipping cost. If you need, just email us directly and we’ll take you through the process.

Customization Service

1. The quantity of purchase (not samples).

2. The design drawings of products.

It will be within 7-25 days for making mold and samples. The specific time depends on the complexity of the process.

1. After the official confirmation of order, if there are enough existing stocks, we will send your goods within 1 day. 

2. After the official confirmation of order, if the order is small, we usually need 7-15 days to prepare blades. 

3. After the official confirmation of order, if the order is big, we usually need 15-25 days to prepare blades.


We support payment of PayPal, UnionPay Card.

Our standard term is 30% - 100% payment for a order.

Material Use

The material use is strictly according to customer's requirement.

Other questions

You can contact us through our e-mail! We will be happy to assist you.

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Professional Customization Service

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